Professional Long-Distance Movers in Northern & Central, NJ

While your moving frequency and needs may vary from the national household average, you don’t need to undertake such a complex and important life event by yourself. PALS Moving Service is a group of professional long-distance movers in Northern & Central NJ areas—and we’re here to help.

Prepare Your Items for Moving

Whether you’re moving a short distance or moving out of state, our long-distance movers have refined our moving procedures such that our team never forgets a single step. We’ve also prepared a list of steps you can implement to minimize stress and make it easier to smoothly transition all your possessions.

First, get a pen and notebook. Then write down a column for each of the main rooms in your current house. Jot down each item that you or our team will need to pack, so you won’t miss anything in the hustle and bustle. If you’d like to donate any items, set those aside in a separate area.

Identify Your Essential Items

On a fresh page, create a column for each of the main rooms in your destination house. Referencing the lists from your current house, write down only essential items you’ll need in the first two weeks. Now, you have a list of all your belongings, as well as all the items you’ll need right away. The next step is to designate two boxes for each room in your new house: essential items and non-essential items. As you pack items in each box accordingly, you can cross them off the lists.

Unpacking in a new home can overwhelm anyone, and it’s not efficient (or worthwhile) to try to unpack everything in your first day, or even your first week. By building these lists of essential items, you’ll have clear guidelines for yourself and your movers on what needs to go where.

In addition to our efficient moving processes, we offer packing services and materials. If you have a lot of belongings or simply want to focus on more important tasks—such as changing your address—our long-distance movers in Northern and Central New Jersey are here to relieve your burden. Ready to get started? Request a free estimate today. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us. We look forward to speaking with you!