Art and Antique Moving Company in Greater Newark, NJ

Moving your cherished artwork and valuable antiques is no laughing matter. Whether you have small fragile objects to transport or large art creations, PALS Moving Service is the antique moving company in greater Newark, New Jersey, you can trust.

Due to the limitless variety in size, weight, material, and purpose of antiques and artwork, we’ve cultivated a unique set of proper handling, packing, and transporting skills. Here are a few of our most important tips that will help you successfully move your antiques and art pieces.

Use Protective Materials Suited to the Object

The first step is to obtain and prepare packing materials that are appropriate for the antique or art object. If you’re transporting oil canvases, you’ll want to get glassine paper or acid-free tissue paper. These padding materials are optimal because they preserve the integrity of the work. If you’re wrapping glass of any kind, be sure to make an “X” across the surface with masking tape, as this mitigates the likelihood of a shattering hazard.

Firm cardboard sheeting or foam board are two excellent lining materials for paintings and glass because either option will act as a second frame for your valuables to securely rest against. While these materials are sold in stores at low prices, we also offer them to customers. Simply ask us or make a request when you submit your free quote, and we’ll be sure to have them ready.

If you’re packing a non-rectangular object, such as a figurine or sculpture, bubble wrap is ideal. You want the wrap to be secure enough such that you can’t feel the object’s shape through the bubbles. This ensures that the bubbles won’t accidentally apply too much pressure to the object should the package get nicked or nudged during travel. As an antique moving company out of greater Newark, we’re well accustomed with custom packing needs like these.

Pack the Art or Antique With Appropriate Space

The second step is packing the object and its protective materials inside appropriately sized boxes. You want to place large flat pieces, such as glass art or sizeable canvases, in heavy cardboard boxes or crates of a matching size. The box should contain enough space such that the artwork fits snugly, but not enough to risk any damage while in transit.

Multiple layers of packing tape or zip ties are the perfect finish. While it’s unlikely that a properly sealed box will accidentally open, it never hurts to implement additional protection. Wrap the sides of the box or crate with tape at least two or three times, and use the zip ties around both the height and width of the package. These strategies will allow you to safely transport your valuables to your new home.

If you have any concerns regarding packing your artwork or valuables, PALS has years of experience as an antique moving company in the greater Newark area, and we’re happy to help. Use our free estimator on our website to get started!