Relocation Insurance in Northern and Central New Jersey

At PALS Moving Service, our team of careful and attentive movers understand proper moving techniques and are trained to handle moving equipment with proficiency. In addition, we offer relocation insurance in New Jersey, for both in-state moves and out-of-state moves. Below are some key details about basic liability coverage, as well as full coverage.

Basic Liability Coverage

The basic liability coverage plan comes at no additional cost to the customers. This represents the minimum liability coverage as required by state law for any moving company local and long distance, which is $1.00 “one dollar per pound per article” (for example, if a stereo is valued at one thousand dollars and weighs ten pounds, you would receive ten dollars in compensation). $1.00 x 10 = $10. This applies regardless of the article’s original retail value, current resale value, or it’s intrinsic or personal worth. Even if higher valuation coverage has been elected by the shipper, if the cost of the damages is less than the stated deductible, standard valuation is applied as it is always in effect. Standard valuation is a limitation of our liability for cargo damage. Rather than a coverage policy per se. There is never any cost to the shipper for this type of coverage. This type of coverage is duly noted on the estimate, order for service, and the bill of lading. Standard valuation is also known as statutory minimum liability, standard release rate, release value, released value, and basic value.

Full Coverage

If you’re interested in complete protection, our full coverage plan is right for you. We work with one of the best insurance company in the Moving industry and they offer total replacement value moving insurance so that, in the event of lost or damaged items, you’re fully compensated.

The cost of the policies is as follows:
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Coverage Exclusions

At PALS Moving Service, we understand every situation differs. Our qualified team will handle your items with the utmost care and respect. However, we are not held responsible for the following items:

At PALS, we aim to protect the homeowner, which is why we never transport certain valuables, including jewelry, cash, and coins. These items are your sole responsibility to transport, and we don’t cover the loss of, or damage to, these sorts of belongings.

Let us alleviate the stress of your next move. Contact us to discuss your relocation insurance options in New Jersey and make your entire move simple and straightforward. It pays to be protected. Call 844.725.6683 today.

Certificates of Insurance

PALS Moving Service holds general liability insurance coverage as well as workers’ compensation insurance coverage. Most of the building management companies in the Tri-State area require certificates of insurance (COIs) prior to moving day. PALS Moving Service provides its customers with COIs.

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