Office Relocation & Moving Service Serving Northern & Central New Jersey

When your company sees profits rise and has new employees every quarter, it’s easy to get thrilled about everything positive happening. Another great part of business growth may be a larger office, but moving everything to a new space is never fun. That’s where our Northern and Central New Jersey area office moving service comes in! To help you move your office equipment more quickly and easily, follow these three handy tips that we’ve refined over the last few years.

Plan Everything Ahead of Time

Moving an entire workspace usually involves hundreds of moving parts, so give your employees plenty of time to prepare. Designate a point person for each part of your office that will transition, whether that be hardware, software and IT, conference room equipment, or furniture. Dividing your workload like this will minimize stress and will help facilitate the entire process. If you need help identifying the aspects of your upcoming move, our office moving service out of Northern and Central New Jersey, can assist.

Entrust All Employees with Facilitating Their Own Desks

No matter how large or small your company, allocating individual desk packing to your employees will save everyone a lot of time. This technique also ensures each staff member doesn’t leave behind their personal belongings.

To the same end, when it’s clear to do so, have employees set up their desks and hardware in the new location. This will free up time for your managers, giving everyone the opportunity to oversee departmental progress within the office relocation rather than finding themselves bogged down in the minutiae.

Organize Materials to Be Moved Efficiently

It can’t be overstated that organizing all physical items in boxes is a great step to take. The more efficiently you can find various items when you need them, the smoother your office relocation will go. Create a spreadsheet that identifies which items are going in which boxes, and mark each box with a destination room and number that’s reflected on the spreadsheet. This way, you can quickly unpack items and get them set up with their usual function.

Moving your office desks and materials can be a pain on top of an already stressful work week. Have our professional office moving service in greater Newark do the heavy lifting for you. Request your free quote today!