Piano Moving Service Serving Northern & Central New Jersey

Whether you have a grand piano that you use daily or a smaller model with inherent family value, PALS’ piano moving service out of Northern and Central New Jersey is extensive and fine-tuned to perfection. We will treat your musical instrument with the utmost care to ensure we don’t damage or misplace anything.

Preparing for The Move

Most pianos weigh at least 300 pounds, and many weigh more than 700 pounds. As such, we’ve developed a systematic piano-moving process that preserves the integrity and functionality of each part. First, we complete a thorough visual inspection of the instrument, documenting every external part. To ensure seamless functionality at the moving destination, we safely and professionally remove each partially connected or separate piece, such as the bench, cover, legs, wheels, and music rack. Depending on the model, it may be wise to remove the fallboard as well.

The next step involves individually and meticulously wrapping the separate pieces in durable moving cloths. These cotton moving cloths are specifically designed to be dirt-, scratch-, and dampness-resistant. They create maximum protection for all piano parts while minimizing space used.

Wrapping and Padding the Piano

After we wrap the separate pieces, we gently set your piano on its side or bottom, directly onto a cloth-covered piano skid board. This equipment provides your instrument with a bump- and scratch-free experience through all stages of our greater Newark piano moving service. Depending on the size of your piano, we’ll double or triple wrap all surface area to safeguard every inch.

To further prepare your piano for the moving vehicle, we secure all cloth-wrapped areas with packing tape, which only ever touches the moving pads—never your piano. Then, we shrink wrap the entire padded piano. This is an extremely important step, as if the packing tape fails for any reason, the shrink wrap will automatically keep everything in place.

Finally, we carefully but firmly apply moving straps to the instrument. This helps us safely transition your piano in and out of our moving vehicle without relying on unbalanced manpower. These straps withstand extremely heavy weights and further allow us to move your instrument with delicacy.

No matter the weight or shape of your piano, our piano moving service in Northern and Central New Jersey is here to take all the worry and stress out of moving such a burdensome object. Want to see what others think? Check out our testimonials page for reviews. Ready for your move? Get started with a free quote today!